Affordable Banquet Halls in Toronto

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Collage of various Mexican dishes including enchiladas taquidos nachos and fajitas
Collage of various Mexican dishes including enchiladas taquidos nachos and fajitas

There are very few affordable banquet halls in Toronto which can host ethnic based wedding receptions.

Many banquet halls in the GTA area will not cater ethnic weddings because they are expensive to orchestrate. The additional expense of hiring international chefs to prepare the meals can not be passed on to the consumer. It is much simpler to do a generic Western style wedding.
The Avenue Banquet Hall is an affordable wedding event venue in Toronto and Vaughan. The in house catering team can design and create a variety of international food menus. The facility can create and execute a diverse range of ethnic cuisines at affordable prices.

The Avenue will be hosting a wedding reception and ceremony with a Mexican-Spanish theme this weekend.

Some of the Spanish details which will be addressed are:
1. A mantilla style veil for the bride
2. Dresses with Latin ruffles for bridesmaid.
3. The Lazo which is a symbolic binding ceremony. In this tradition a rope is wound around the bride and groom in a figure eight. This indicates that the bride and groom are linked to each other for ever.
4. In the Arra, the groom hands the bride 13 gold coins to indicate that he will provide and take care of her for the rest of his life. On coin is for Jesus Christ and the other 12 are for the apostles.
5. In the money dance, the men pay the bride for a dance
6. It is usual for a Mexican wedding to have a piñata. The bride is blindfolded and attempts to strike the piñata to release the candies inside.

Every Mexican style wedding needs to have strong alcoholic drinks. There should be an abundance of margaritas, tequila and Mexican beer.

No event would be complete without food. The food should be center focal point of the wedding. It should consist of live interactive food stations. Chefs should prepare traditional foods and should include: tamales. Enchiladas, burritos and tortillas.

The best way to celebrate a Spanish wedding is with a mariachi band

The Avenue is one of the few banquet halls in Toronto which has developed an expertise in providing multicultural cuisine.

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