2017 Cocktail Trends

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Cocktails Trends

Cocktail Trends That Everyone Will Be Drinking This Summer

That refreshing summer cocktail everyone will want to indulge in? Forget the margaritas. These three cocktail ideas will leave you (and everyone you know) coming back for seconds and thirds.

Frozen Fuzzy Navels
In the summer, frozen anything is bound to be a winner. But these Frozen Fuzzy Navels leave other icy treats in the dust for two good reasons. First, they are easy to make – just combine frozen orange juice, peach schnapps, vodka, and ice in a blender. Second, the name alone will make you want to invite everyone you know over to have one!

Mojito and Wine Slushies
The ultimate summer treat for grown ups, alcoholic slushies make you feel like a kid again. (And, if you have enough of them, they might make you act like one too!) It’s easy to turn lots of adult drinks into slushies, but the two hot trends for this summer are the mojito slushie and fruity wine slushies. You have to think a bit ahead of time to create these (most recipes want you to make the mixture the night before), but the wait is well worth it when those hot summer afternoons come rolling in.

Homemade Sangria
Sure, you can buy the bottled version, add ice, and call it a day. But making your own sangria at home allows you to get inventive – and the results is usually a drink that tastes better, is fresher, and is cheaper than the bottles too. Start with an inexpensive red wine and add fruit, like oranges and lemons. Search traditional recipes and new twists online for fun inspiration.


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