Wedding Ideas

wedding venueWedding Ideas for 2017

Room Set Up

You are all familiar with the traditional room setup consisting of round tables. Think of  rectangular tables as an alternative. Consider a room set up with both large rectangular tables, rounds and squares.
How about just squares?

Food Ideas

Carnival type food for your sweet table. Instead of the traditional opt for cracker jacs in a box, corn dogs, funnel cakes, candy floss and candy apples.

Donut holes on a stick drizzled with chocolate or a donut tower.

Skewered waffles with sausages and maple syrup shot.

Pair wine with foods or cocktails with foods: one bite tacos with margarita shooters, pretzel bites with craft beer, caviar spoons and vodka shots, bite size veal sandwiches with chianti

Offer alternatives to a sit-down dinner. Pinterest is full of novel ideas for a wedding, find out if your wedding venue will allow food truck catering? Consider small plate interactive food stations.

What about breakfast for dinner?

Have you seen nitrogen desserts? This puts on an amazing culinary show and tastes wonderful.

Late night snacks such as mini pizza, tacos, poutine, sliders, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Foods during cocktails are now used to reflect where the bride and groom grew up. If you are from the south, you could have gumbo in a cup or lobster roll or a mini muffuletta. Incorporate your favourite childhood food into your cocktail hour.

Music and Entertainment

Couples are no longer making a choice between a band or a DJ. They are now incorporating both and are including solo saxophone musicians and violin players.
Fortune tellers are a wonderful treat for your guests. They provide excitement and fun and are a terrific way to end the evening.

The professional team at The Avenue Banquet Hall can help you with all your planning needs and make suggestions that will make your special day an everlasting memory. Evey wedding venue in Toronto says that they have wedding planners to help you, but how many of them actually own the event venue.  The owner of the Avenue has over 20 years experience as a wedding planner. She is there to help you plan, orchestrate and execute your instructions. Best part her services are complimentary.

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