Food Trends

Cured Meat Display by Wedding VenueFood trends come and go. What is hot one year is obsolete the next.

The 2017 food trends are:
Jackfruit—This is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Because of its meaty texture, it is becoming a substitute for beef. Great option for vegetarians and vegans.

Buddha bowl—A combination of the following in a bowl: quinoa, avocado, sweet potato and grilled vegetables.

Baked Alaska—A blast from the past. Who can say no to cake topped with ice cream, wrapped in meringue and lit on fire.

Street Inspired Foods—Do you really want to eat food from a food truck on your wedding day. I suppose if you wanted to make a statement it would be fine.

Authentic ethnic cuisine—This would be a great idea if you were planning to have interactive food stations at your wedding or party. You could create an international bazar of different food from around the world.

House made Charcuterie — A mixture of cured meats such as salami, coppa, prosciutto and bresaola arranged on a large wooden platter. Usually paired with olives, nuts and fig preserves

House made pickles

The catering team at The Avenue Banquet Hall keeps track of all the current and predicted food trends. They try to incorporate them into their predesigned wedding packages. However, all the food menus at The Avenue Banquet Hall are constantly being reinvented and redesigned. Every Friday is food test day at The Avenue. All the chefs and wait staff critique all new food creations.
Your wedding should not be about the latest food trends. It should concentrate on sharing you happiness with your family and friends.

The professional staff at The Avenue listens to your needs and design culinary solutions to suit your taste and your budget.

To learn more about what The Avenue can do for you check out their menus.

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