Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto

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Unique wedding venue Toronto

What is a unique wedding venue?

A wedding venue is unique if it can satisfy all the items on your wish list. After all its your special day?

Is the event venue able to answer the following questions to your satisfaction?

  1. Is it large enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably?
2. Is it too big to handle your small wedding party?
3. Is it affordable and does it fit your budget?
4. Are there extra costs?
5. Is the event venue easy to work with or are extra costs involved for every item that you ask for?
6. Does it allow outside catering so that you can provide traditional ethnic foods to your family and friends? Can the in house catering service your            needs or do you have to settle for their basic packages?
7. Is it a multiplex in which more than one event is hosted per evening?
8. Can you bring your favorite vendors or is there a preferred vendors list?
9. Is there a ceremony room on site and is it complimentary?
10. Are there any vendor restrictions?
11. Does the event venue offer a food tasting before your event to make sure the food is to your liking?
12. Will the chef who is preparing your taste be the chef at your wedding?
13. Is there more than one bartender for your event?
14. Are there a sufficient number of wait staff attending to your guests?
15. Is there a banquet manager assigned to your event to make sure that everything runs smoothly?
16. What incentives are provided in terms of décor: linen, chair covers, backdrops, napkins?
17. Is the bar offered standard or premium?

If the answers to the above questions satisfy your requirements, then the event venue is unique.

The staff at The Avenue Banquet Hall try to make all your wishes come true and at the same time stay within your budget. It is a single event venue which offers privacy and intimacy. The in house catering will design menus to satisfy your taste and your budget.

There are many choices of banquet halls Toronto offers to prospective brides and grooms. The Avenue is one of the premier unique wedding venues.

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