Drinks by Wedding Venues Toronto

Pina Colada by wedding venue TorontoThe Avenue is one of the best established wedding venues Toronto has to offer. It has been in business for more than 15 years and provides in house international catering. The mixologists at the Avenue can create alcoholic cocktails from around the world. You name it and they can do it.

List of our top alcoholic recipes.

Mudslide: ½ oz. Vodka, ½ oz. coffee liqueur, ½ oz. Irish cream, milk to fill the glass.

White Russian: one-ounce vodka, ½ ounce coffee liqueur (Kahlua), milk to fill the glass.

Alabama slammer: ½ oz. sloe gin, ½ oz. southern comfort, ½ oz. vodka, 1/2oz. amaretto, orange juice to fill the glass.

Sex on The Beach: 1 oz. peach schnapps, equal portions of orange and cranberry juice to fill glass.
Bloody Caesar: apply celery salt to rim of glass, 1 oz. vodka, clamato juice to fill glass, dashes of tobacso, dashes of Worcestershire sauce, lime, celery stick, salt and pepper.

Bloody Mary: salt the rim of the glass, 1 oz. vodka, tomato juice to fill glass, dashes of tobasco, dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

Tequila sunrise: dash of grenadine, 1 oz. tequila, orange juice to fill glass.

Zombie: ½ oz. of white, amber and dark rum, ½ oz. of cherry brandy, dash of grenadine, drops of crème de menthe, orange juice to fill glass.

Between the Sheets: ½ oz. brandy, ½ oz. rum, dash of triple sec

Long Island Ice Tea: equal parts of gin, vodka, rum tequila and triple sec, add coke to fill glass.

Pina Colada: 1oz. rum or coconut rum, coconut syrup is coconut rum not available, equal parts of pineapple juice and milk to fill glass.

Boiler maker: 1 oz. of Jack Daniels Whiskey in a shot glass, drop the shot glass with whiskey into a pint glass of your favorite beer.

In addition to great alcoholic cocktails, the international catering team will design a food menu package to fit your budget and  your taste.

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