Ask These Questions When Enquiring About Faciliities

  1. What is your capacity?
  2. What is your off season and do you offer discounts at these times?
  3. Is there a price difference between hosting an event on a Saturday or Sunday?
  4. Are you a single event venue or do  you have more than one party at the same time?
  5. Do you have a preferred vendors list?
  6. Are your menus customized or do you have packaged food menus?
  7. Is there flexibility with your packaged food menus?
  8. Can you cater ethnic foods?
  9. Do you have in house catering?
  10. Is out side catering allowed?
  11. Are packages available that include: fowers, decorations, photo, video, linen etc.?
  12. Are there any restrictions to decorations or music?
  13. Are there room rental charges?
  14. Do you have a ceremony room and what is the charge?
  15. Do you have a private bridal room and what is the charge?
  16. What type of bar service do you provide?
  17. What is the starting time and closing of the facility?
  18. How many servers do you provide per table?
  19. Is there convenient parking?
  20. Are there nearby accommodations and do you provdie a discount?
  21. What are your payment terms?
  22. What is your cancellation policy?

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