Cost Cutting Your Wedding Reception

Some of the ways to reduce the cost of your wedding reception are as follows:

Book off Season

Your wedding costs can be drastically reduced, if you can plan to have your wedding day during the months of January to Aprirl.

Book Your Event During the Week

Having a week day wedding instead of a Saturday wedding can substantially reduce the cost of your venue. Saturday is considered prime time.

Have a Lunch

Instead of a formal sit down dinner, you should consider offering your guests a lunch. There is a large gap between the cost of a lunch to the cost of a formal dinner party.

Choose a Simple Menu

Select a single meat instead of a double meat.  Select foods which are in season. Skip the sweet table and offer just desert. Provide only wine and beer at your bar. Reduce the number of courses. Choose a simple wedding cake yet instead of a huge show piece.

Select All Inclusive Venues

Your ceremony and reception  should be at the same venue. Make sure that there are no room rental fees. The facility should have an in house caterer. Negotiate with the venue to include table cloths, napkins, backdrops, chair covers.



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