How Much Wine Do You Need For Wedding Party?

Selecting a wine for a wedding depends on the venue, the type of food to be served and the type of guests expected.

Does the event venue allow wine to be brought in or do you have to purchase the wine from a pre-existing list. If wine is allowed to be sourced, what are the corkage fees? If the answers you receive are satisfactory, you will need to select a sparkling wine, a white and a red.

Sparkling wine (Champagne) is mainly used for toasting the bride and groom. Usually 2 glasses of sparkling wine are consumed by each guest. There are 6 full glasses of sparkling wine in a standard 750ml bottle. You get more glasses per bottle out of sparkling wine because of the bubbles and the shape of the champagne flute. If you invite 100 guests to your wedding, you will need 34 bottles.

It is difficult to estimate the amount of red and white wine that will be consumed at a wedding. It depends on answers to the following questions:

1. Is your wedding in the summer, fall, winter or spring?

2. Is the reception to be held during the day or in the evening?

3. What type of food will be served ( meat or fish)?

4.Will the reception be a sit down dinner or buffet?

5. Are you having a cocktail hour before dinner?

6.Are your guests drinkers

The usual estimate is to assume 1 glass of wine per hour per guest. Each 750ml bottle has 5 glasses. If you invite 100 people you will need to buy 40 bottles of red and 40 bottles of white.

In Ontario, you can return the unopened wine bottles to the LCBO for credit.


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