Chinese Weddings in Toronto

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Traditional Chinese wedding customs are considered as the foundation of rites in traditional Chinese culture. A wedding is usually a grand occasion with overly-elaborate formalities. There are eight major procedures of a wedding, including proposal making, birthday matching, marriage divination, betrothal gifts presenting, wedding date fixing, dowry urging, welcoming the bride to the wedding and performing the formal wedding ceremony.

Italian Wedding Venue Catering

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Catering for an Italian Wedding The Avenue is one of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto which can provide traditional Italian wedding venue catering. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to setting the menu for your Italian wedding: Aperitivo = … Read More

2017 Cocktail Trends

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  Cocktail Trends That Everyone Will Be Drinking This Summer That refreshing summer cocktail everyone will want to indulge in? Forget the margaritas. These three cocktail ideas will leave you (and everyone you know) coming back for seconds and thirds. … Read More

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