Using Pinterest to Plan your Perfect Wedding

pinterest-logoAs a bride-to-be you’re probably spending hours on the Internet searching for ideas, reading blogs or Google imaging. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there were an easy solution where all these ideas could be organized into one? Well, you’re just in luck! If you haven’t already stumbled upon this fabulous web strategy, you’re in for a surprise. Pinterest is a virtual image board that is created as a shared database for inspiration.

Why may that be important for weddings? Wedding ideas from décor, dresses and even menus are all posted and shared on Pinterest. Pinterest blogs are created by other bride-to-be’s, wedding planners or even banquet halls such as ours! It’s like ripping pages out of magazines and taping them to a bulletin board, but digitally. The site allows you to get crafty ideas, find articles, DIY, and look at photos for great ideas. It’s free and completely addictive. You may even lose yourself for hours on end.

For first time users this may or may not be overwhelming. These moodboards however, make it easy to categorize and organize all your wedding ideas. You can follow already created moodboards or even design your own. You can make different categories called boards, and label them, to bookmark ideas and inspiration such as invitations or potential venues. Ditch the crowded and overwhelming wedding conventions! Pinterest lets you explore from the comfort of your own home. What an amazing and incredibly helpful wedding planning tool! There’s even a convenient app you can download to your phone or tablet.

While some Pinterest posts may not be a reality for your budget, the website can give you motivation for contemporary and modern ideas to jazz up your wedding. Make the traditional a little untraditional! However, remember to always be true to yourself and leave room for own style and flair.

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