Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue



Your wedding day is almost here. The invitations are out, you’ve hired the band, the photographer, picked the perfect venue (like The Avenue), and have made sure to check off every detail from your never ending list. There is however a couple details you may have overlooked…

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe,” originates from an English folklore revealing the “somethings” that will bring good luck to the bride. These personal details are hard to decide on, but we reveal what some of our brides chose for their special day.


Something Old

Representing continuity- some of our brides incorporated family gems or jewelry, keeping it traditional and sentimental. Others filled a locket with an old photo of someone that is close to their heart.



Something New

Representing optimism- most brides consider their wedding ring or dress as their symbol of something new, but many have exchanged on the day gifts that can be incorporated into the look. These gifts range from cufflinks, to bracelets or even shoes with a hidden message written on the bottom from the groom himself.


Something Borrowed

Representing borrowed happiness- many brides have worn their mothers’ or grandmothers’ jewelry but a very cute take on this tradition is sporting a vintage handbag. You can purchase these anywhere from consignment stores on Queen Street or in Kensington market. It’s a sure fire way to make your guests do a double on your subtle accessories.


Something Blue

Representing love and fidelity- one of the cutest trends we’ve seen is hiding the blue under the dress, not with your garter belt, but instead, with your shoes! Wearing blue pumps or blue Toms is very inventive way to represent your blue. Others have monogrammed their veil or dress (on the inside) with blue thread.


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