Holiday Party Ideas

It’s December and you know what that means-the ultimate countdown to the holidays. Here at The Avenue, we hold our annual staff appreciation holiday party to thank our team for all their hard work this past year.

We’re here to give you some must dos from our own party to liven your celebration and bring the holiday spirit to those who need it most! So open the bar and get ready for a wonderful way to ring out 2014 and bring in 2015.

Must Haves:

1. Welcoming Cocktail

What a great way to welcome your guests with a sparkling beverage waiting for them at the bar. If your office can’t afford to have an open bar all night, this provides a complimentary drink and a quick way for those uptight staff to loosen up for the evening ahead.

2. Nostalgia

An entire year will defiantly build up lots of memories amongst your staff. Make sure to display those so that everyone can have a walk down memory lane and reflect upon the year. At our party, we do a tribute slideshow, showcasing pictures and videos-it gets a real laugh!

3. Party Games

Not everyone will be into dancing but party games are a great way to get everyone involved. A favourite game we play is called “Go Fetch.” It’s kind of like musical chairs, but instead of dancing around the chairs as they get eliminated, participants will fetch certain items (glasses, a woman’s shoe, a belt) and run back to get a spot in a chair.

4. Awards

A fun way to congratulate those shiny members on your team is through awards! We love to acknowledge the hard work of those individuals by presenting a series of awards-you can also add some funny ones too in there!

5. Raffle

A free raffle is fun way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. As guests arrive into the party hand them a raffle ticket and throughout the evening call out ticket numbers for random free prizes. Prizes can range from bottles of wine to small gift baskets!

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