Give Your Event A Great Venue with Event Banquet Halls

Are you hosting an event and are looking for a good venue to entertain your guests? Well, we have just the right event banquet halls for you. Our halls promise to provide a venue like no other with wonderful menus and amenities.

A venue is only as good as its amenities and our event banquet halls offer a wide array of features. The banquet halls are open plan and this means no menacing dividing walls. The halls are handicap accessible and you can also get meal discounts for children and vendors.

If you require an extra room for your ceremony, this will be provided at no extra cost. Plug in fees are not charged and neither is parking.

Event Banquet Halls Catering

A catering team is at hand to provide you with various types of cuisines and some of these include:

  • Glatt kosher
  • Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Asian and East Asian cuisine
  • Portuguese Cuisine
  • Persian Cuisine
  • Russian Cuisine
  • Armenian Cuisine
  • Greek Cuisine

An executive chef is available and you can have your menu customized to your liking. There are multi-cultural menu packages, glatt kosher menus and social event menu packages. The social event menu packages includes: the superlative menu, the classic menu, the mixed grill menu, Mediterranean family style and Italian menu style. You can also request for the classic plus menu or cold appetizers.



The banquet halls host a wide array of events and some of these include:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Weddings and Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Functions

Whether it is a private family gathering or a corporate function, we will ensure that the venue reflects the occasion. The sitting capacity can hold a large group of people and like we mentioned earlier, your guests need not worry about parking fees as the event banquet halls provide free parking. Make your event memorable with the banquet halls.

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