Getting your Guests Involved

What is a party without guests? It is important to remember that your special day is shared with all your invitees, so why not make it worth their while? Activities and games stationed around and during your wedding is a great way to engage guests and add a little extra fun and flare.

 Here are some ideas that we’ve seen at our banquet hall:

Wedding Tips

This past weekend we had a beautiful wedding that featured a box where guests could write down a marriage tip for the bride and groom.

Traditional Guest Book

As the bride and groom of the party, timing can be tricky. Whether you are needed for a picture or for your speech, having quality time spent with each guest is limited. The guest book is a perfect way for your attendees to share special memories or write down best wishes for you and your bride.10533106_706890722680570_248894668001026127_n

Reception Guessing Game

This is a great table activity for guests who are not the dance floor type. Give each table cards that have different life events written on them. These can be events such as:

  • Where you will buy your first house?
  • When will you have your first child?
  • How many children will you have?
  • What kind of pet you will buy?

At the end of the night the cards can be collected and added to the guest book for you and your husband to look back on to see if any of the predictions were correct.


Setting up a photobooth is a guaranteed way to entertain your guests and provide hilarious keepsakes from your special day.393261_437633419606303_1677043796_n

Social Media

Provide a #hashtag (example: #MJwedding) or photo challenges (example: a lady in red) to make sure everyone gets copies of every moment from the evening. You can follow ours @theavenuebanquethall.

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