Cozy Cocktails for Winter Weddings

Winter is soon approaching and that means you’ll want your guests to stay warm inside. Summer sangrias just wont cut it this time around. It’s time for seasonal sips that will warm your taste buds and keep your guests happy to party all night long.

We’ve gathered some of the best cocktail recipes, perfect for any wedding, engagement party, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday party and beyond.


Hot Toddy

The ultimate cold fighter cocktail. The whisky boosts your energy while the honey and lemon sooth the throat and sinuses. Take that Cold FX!







eGullet Heartland Gathering Happy Hour at the Velvet Tango Room

Moscow Mule

A refreshing and easy vodka highball drink that uses ginger beer and served in a copper mug! The slightly spicy ginger flavor makes this a great winter warming cocktail.






Brandy Alexander

A sweet, brandy based cocktail consisting of cognac and crème de cacao. With its nutmeg garnish, this drink fits the part for any holiday party.




Blueberry Tea

A cocktail made from tea and liqueurs that will warm and soothe. The name of the drink is very deceiving as there are no blueberries or even blueberry flavour in it. Based with Orange Pekoe tea, this drink combines amaretto and Grand Marnier for the perfect aromatic cocktail.



Irish Coffee

Think spiked coffee with whipped cream and a cherry! When dinner is done, guests crave their coffee. This warm and delicious coffee cocktail is the perfect compliment to any dessert.






Rum Punch

Created by Martha Stewart herself, this refreshing rum punch will be welcomed at any party. It carries flavours of cinnamon, citrus and ginger to warm up the bones for the dancing night ahead.






Hot Spiced Wine

Not only warming but extremely classy. Red wine and kirsch (a brandy made from cherries) are the main ingredients that make up this festively yummy holiday drink.





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