Christmas and Holiday Party Games

christmas party games

This week is Christmas and that means it is high season for holiday and Christmas parties, whether with your office or with your family. We can all eat, drink and be merry but what else is there to do after all that goes down? How about some games!? Games always spark perfect team building within the office or friendly competition between siblings and cousins. Make sure for each game there are tons of prizes to be given away to make the incentive for playing even higher!

Here is a list of our favourite Christmas and holiday party games and a how-to guide of how to play them.

Who Am I?

Pieces of paper with either real people at the party, Christmas/holiday characters like Rudolph, or celebrities.

1. As guests arrive, pin or tape the piece of paper to each of their backs, without letting them see who is written on it.
2. They must walk around and ask other partygoers yes or no questions to find out who they are.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Competition

Ugly holiday sweaters are this season’s must haves. What better way to encourage holiday spirit than by hosting a competition? Create a runway so that each participant can strut his or her stuff. Whoever has the most applause will win! Make sure you have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded!

Go Fetch

This game is the adult version of musical chairs, but instead of dancing, guests must fetch items that are called out loud and make it back to a chair.


1. Set up ten chairs with participants sitting in them.
2. Call out items for them to run and grab while the music is playing. Items like: a left shoe, a penny, $100  bill, glasses, a belt etc.
3. While they are running to grab an item, remove one chair from the ten.
4. Continue playing like this until there is one chair left and two people to see who gets to it first!

Dirty Secret Santa

This is an adult version of Secret Santa and takes the stress of picking the best gift for a person you have chosen from a hat.

1. Everyone will bring a wrapped present to the party.
2. Place numbers into a hat based on the amount of people you have at the party.
3. Everyone draws a number. Before the game begins, you and another player may exchange numbers.
4. Place the gifts in the centre of the room or table where everyone can easily inspect them.
5. If there are late players to the game, they can add their gift to the pile and become the next number.
6. Player #1 picks a gift. Player #2 can either select another gift or take the gift that #1 picked. If #2 takes #1 gift, player #1 selects another gift.
7. Player #3 can take either player #2 or #1’s gifts or choose another gift from the pile.
8. This continues until everyone has had a turn.

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