Check List for a Company Christmas Party

Christmas Party Canopies from Toronto Event VenueHow to Avoid a Company Christmas Party Failure?

The task of organizing your company Christmas party has been place on your shoulders. Panic sets in. You want the party to be a successful and memorable. You have been given a budget by management and you must make it work.
Early coordination and planning will insure your success.

Considerations for a Successful Company Christmas Party

What type of party are you going to have?

  • Is it goinIg to be formal or informal?
  • Is it going to be a daytime lunch or an evening affair?
  • Are you going to invite family members and friends?
  • Will the party take place at your business or will you be looking for an event venue? The advantages to an on-site day time lunch party are cost savings with respect to catering and venue rental. It does not infringe on an employee’s personal time. Most employees will be able to attend. It is more affordable if the employees must pay for the party.
  • You must consider a date and time for your event. Most companies schedule their holiday party during the second and third week of December. However, some companies organize parties in January to take advantage of event venue promotional discounts. Don’t delay in booking because you are competing with other companies and social events.
  • Are all employees going to be invited?
  • Is the party for upper management only?
  • What will you do about alcohol consumption? Are you going to have an open host bar or will it be a cash bar?
  • Are you going to have music? You have the option of a DJ., band or musician.
  • Will there be photography to capture the moment?
  • Will there be activities?
  • Who will say the welcome and thank you speeches?

The Avenue Banquet Hall can host your company Christmas party. They will create a menu which will satisfy your taste and your budget. The facility is the best Toronto event venue to host a holiday party because it has in house catering, on site event coordinator and a variety of décor options.

The Avenue is an affordable Toronto event venue to host your company Christmas party.

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