Caribbean Cuisine for Toronto Wedding Venues


The Avenue Banquet Hall brings authentic and affordable West Indian foods to Toronto weddings.

Sade Miller is the resident in house chef at the banquet hall. Sade was born in Barbados and trained in the islands. She is in charge of all our Caribbean food preparation.

Common ingredients to island foods are: rice, plantains, beans, cassava, cilantro, bell peppers chick peas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and coconuts and of course the different meats and fish, as well the spices. Each island and region combines these ingredients in a unique fashion to create a specific geographical taste and flavour. Sade Miller is aware and knows the regional differences. At your initial meeting with Sade, the first question Sade asks, what island and region are you from and tailors her cooking accordingly.

The Avenue customizes each menu to satisfy your taste and budget. We work with you to make your special day memorable. We provide you with a tasting before your wedding day to make sure that the food you have chosen is to your liking.

In addition to the food, The Avenue offers an in house event coordinator at no charge to help you plan your wedding. There is a complimentary on site ceremony room. There is no venue rental fee and there are a variety of décor options made available to you.

Some Traditional Island Foods

Fungi: This is similar to a dumpling. The ingredients are cornmeal, water and shortening. Sometimes                           okra is added. It is usually served as a side dish.

Roti: Made from light dough wrapped around spiced meats, chicken or veggies

Rice and Beans: Also known as rice and peas, it is rice and beans flavoured with  herbs and spices.

Salt Fish: Most common is the cod which has been salted and dried. Salt fish can be used in soup or stew.

Curry Dishes: This can be goat, chicken, fish or just vegetables. This dish and method of preparation originated in India.

Jerk Dishes: This can be applied to any meat but the most common meat used is chicken. It is a spicy barbecue treatment. Jerk fish is delicacy.

Click menus to see our sample Caribbean dishes.

The following pictures show some of the Caribbean foods which we have created at some of our wedding receptions.




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